Somatostatin Lyomark 3mg: Distribution partnership with Inresa Arzneimittel

Oberhaching, December 2023

Bendalis GmbH and Inresa Arzneimittel GmbH today announce their new distribution partnership for Somatostatin Lyomark 3 mg. Through this partnership, Inresa becomes the sales and distribution partner for the product.

Inresa has been chosen as a strategic distributor to continue to meet the demand for Somatostatin and ensure patient care. In addition, Inresa is well established with hospitals and is known as a reliable partner for its timely deliveries.

Due to an optimized manufacturing process, Somatostatin will now be available in vials and no longer in ampoules as before. This change avoids glass breakage and ensures greater safety in daily use.

In addition, the marketing authorization for Somatostatin Lyomark 3 mg has been transferred from Lyomark Pharma GmbH to the subsidiary Bendalis GmbH.

For deliveries from mid-January, please send your inquiry or purchase order to Inresa Arzneimittel GmbH:

We look forward to working with Inresa and hope that you will continue to be loyal to Somatostatin Lyomark 3 mg and place the same trust in Inresa.

Bendalis GmbH